Are there “Female” diseases, not being female only?

Men...ATTENTION! You might have thought that this does not concern you, that it is really a female case….but you are mistaken! There might be the case that these diseases are showing a “preference” to the female sex, but they do not “affect” the women only! It is absolutely reasonable, that certain diseases are combined in our minds with women, since they concern them in a great majority…..however this does not necessarily mean that they are not men suffering of these, actually seriously. We might be able to fantasize some of these diseases, but the sane does not happen with some others. Let’s have a closer look at them and find out what really is going on with the diseases, which are not just a “woman’s case”! No.1: HEADACHE Both headache and migraine are diseases with an obvious preference to the female sex. A 20% of women have problems with regular headaches / migraines, compared to a rate of 5-6% of men manifesting similar symptoms. You might have heard it from your companion (and in most cases you have considered it as a cheap excuse), but it is true! Headache shows a preference to her rather than to you! However, there is a headache form preferring men more than women. This type of headache starts with an acute pain on one or both eyes and it lasts from a few minutes to a couple of hours. This phenomenon tends to present a recurring tendency with 24 hours. No.2: BREAST CANCER Breast cancer is another case identified with the woman’s nature. It might show a preference to women (concerning then by an overwhelming percentage), but there men who suffered of this disease. Did you know that? ATTENTION: Due to a very rare expression of this disease to men, people tend to visit their medical doctor when it is already too late! Men, please be informed ans visit a doctor if you observe a change or an anomaly in the chest area! No.3: OSTEOPOROSIS Osteoporosis is another disease incident to the woman…and in fact to a woman of a certain age. Though we believe that osteoporosis regards the women only 1 out of 5 men demonstrates signs of this specific disease after the age of 50 years! It is also very important to mention here that, according to statistical data, men do not show a good recovery following a fracture or a serious injury, resulting to higher death numbers than those of women, after similar injuries! No.4: INFLAMMATIONS OF URINARY SYSTEM Yes! As strange it might sound, the urinary system inflammations do not regard the women only! Perhaps women have more serious problems by these inflammations, but these happen to men as well! No.5 DEPRESSION Depression might be a disease of no sex…but it shows a clear preference towards to women. Maybe this happens because depression in women is more visible, more easily perceived….while in men is under cover, camouflaged, behind expressions of wrath, violence, aggression and anger! This fact makes the depression more difficult to detect in a man….resulting to the theory – erroneously – that it does not concern them! For the end I need to thank mymusclepal for the inspiration.

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