Is laziness a sample of intelligence?

Laziness: A disease, disadvantage, or a sample of intelligence? We could say that it is something common to expect to be scolded, every time we demonstrate signs of sluggishness, boredom or laziness. Generally, laziness seems not to be an acceptable phenomenon by the society, which always accepts a scolding and requires a correction – treatment! But what is the laziness? Is it related to character or is it a disease? Maybe it is something else from what we believe? ATTENTION: According to British doctors of the Royal College of Public Health, laziness is not considered as a defect, or a disadvantage, a peculiarity of the person’s character, but a disease which must and should be treated! How can I “treat” the laziness? No.1: I wake up in the morning (and not in the afternoon) No.2: I start my day with some exercise to “wake up” my body and the spirit (ok, Clenbutrolmay be an alternative but let's go natural) . No.3: After the exercise, I take a cold shower, which will stimulate all my muscles and it will drive away the sleepy feeling or the fatigue No.4: I find activities that excite my imagination and stimulate my interests. No.5: I eat a good and energizing breakfast No.6: I eat nutritional foods and in natural quantities (not less – not more) No.7: I sleep early at night and I avoid any abuses. Laziness: What is its relation to psychology? In many cases, laziness is related directly to person’s psychology (as sadness, rage, boredom, depression). In fact, as a consequence, it is often associated even to manifestations of this psychology (as the anorexia nervosa, bulimia), resulting to a direct relation to the physical condition of the person (slim, or obese). The revenge of the lazy people…. This was the situation and the thoughts dominating everything related to laziness. However, a new study has arrived to give credit to all the lazy people all over the world. According to this study, laziness might be related to a very high IQ of the person! This research was carried out by Gulf Coast University of Florida and it showed that persons of high IQ are in an alert condition (active) for fewer hours of the day After all what is responsible? How is intelligence related to laziness? What is the difference of the very smart persons? The very smart persons tend to show that they are not dominated by the feeling of boredom easily. In other words, persons of high IQ, as it is shown by the studies, tend to get lost in their thoughts, with a result not to be so active easily, unlikely to less smart people who tend to feel bored a lot easier, a fact that drives them to change body activities all the time.

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